Netreset NR1000US Automatic Modem and Router Reboot System

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Resetting your connection properly each day with netreset will protect your devices against malware and software issues. Netreset not only increases speeds but, also reduces buffering and gaming lag times. Your precious files, family photos and videos are better protected from the increased risk of malware attack during this unprecedented time.

Netreset is the simple, secure solution that:
– protects you from cyber attacks and malware
– gets rid of everyday internet frustrations like slow speeds
– lets you relax and enjoy buffer-free media
– 5 minute setup, permanent protection
Simply safer Internet
How it works
1.) Plug your stand-alone modem and router, combination device, or fiber into netreset
2.) Set the time you want it to reboot (we recommend 4am)
netreset will now run an automatic power cycle for you every 24 hours, keeping your system safe.
– ETL listed
– compatible with any modem, router, combo, fiber, or other electronic equipment
– 28 day battery backup for program times
– program once and forget it
– compatible with all service providers
– works with any 120 volt wall outlet, surge protector, or battery backup ups system
– input 120VAC 15amp
– output 120VAC 7.5amp/plug
– size 12L x 9H x 6W cm
– weight 15oz
Features & details
  • POWER FAILURE – NetReset will always restore your Internet connection properly
  • FIRST POWER UP – NetReset starts working from the minute of installation24/7/365 – Your modem and router will be properly power cycled daily
  • COMPATABILITY – NetReset is compatible with ALL modems and routers
  • GAMERS – Improves all online gaming reducing lag and response time


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UPC: 86503600020

33 reviews for Netreset NR1000US Automatic Modem and Router Reboot System

  1. ua00764 (verified owner)

    Allows modem to stay at top speed by resetting daily and I do not have to do it manually.

  2. radioboy1230 (verified owner)

    I was always having to reset my router for one reason or another and my DSL line was always slowing down, sometimes as much as 90% over a day or two which caused me to reboot my modem.. By using the NetRest NR-1000US, these problems have been eliminated. It’s nice to find a product that really does what it says it will do. And, because the location of my router & modem isn’t convenient, the resetting and rebooting every couple of days was a pain in the neck. So far, I am very happy with NetReset !Read full review…

  3. d07dc1 (verified owner)

    This product works exactly as advertised. I would recommend you check to see how long it takes your modem to reboot before you buy. Mine takes about two minutes so the wireless router turns back on before the modem completes it reboot. Wireless router them needs to reset manually. Read full review…

  4. jrw738 (verified owner)

    Love that the device reboots my router. I was having problems every few days. Not now!

  5. strutztj (verified owner)

    Easiest way to ensure separate wireless and modem keep functioning with all devices and at peak performance.

  6. beachbum403 (verified owner)

    Great product, no need for someone to reboot your equipment when your out of town

  7. bent4815 (verified owner)

    I think it’s a good idea if you have a good router and modem.

  8. flamencofemme (verified owner)

    Seems like I am having less wifi problems now that I am using this….

  9. mike4427 (verified owner)

    Awesome product, works as stated.

  10. oro0106 (verified owner)

    I love this divine alot I feel save on mi network .is verry easy to set up .And I can set this to no convenience time. To reset a very satisfied and recomended.

  11. lak_al_8ydfjpweki (verified owner)

    very easy to set works like a charm i love it

  12. gmrsinc (verified owner)

    Have IP cameras at various off site locations.This product solves issue of rebooting modem & router manually.Not sure how long internal battery lasts, but we have battery backup so no issues.

  13. hayes529 (verified owner)

    it seems to be helping with my system keep it fast and updated

  14. wrightway4010 (verified owner)

    In setting it up, I pressed the Reset button and it stuck. The rubber ‘pusher’ of a button got caught on the inside of the plastic case and would not come back out. Never worked after that. I might try another one and either press ‘reset’ very lightly or not at all. Since it was totally dead after that, I took it apart. When I reestablished the rubber button and put it back together nothing worked at all. I might have done something wrong? I’m pretty good at this stuff, but I must have messed up. Now it’s landfill. I’m looking for an alternative that might be made better.Read full review…

  15. 1962nova (verified owner)

    Works Great!!

  16. car1626** (verified owner)

    Works Great. Easy to setup and works as described. Great Price.

  17. oleblueman (verified owner)

    It seems to be working good but my internet don’t seem to be faster.

  18. lwar6484 (verified owner)

    easy to set up,works well,good value

  19. hfor2153 (verified owner)

    It does make the WiFi stay stronger when you program it it takes about seven minutes to reboot

  20. edenelsonjr (verified owner)

    The condition was as described and works exactly as designed. Great value.

  21. vocationnow (verified owner)

    This product was on HSN and the guy was on shark tank. This is a good investment for your modem and router.

  22. nics574 (verified owner)

    Before purchasing the Netreset my I had problems with my internet router slowing down and I had to reset it daily so it would come back to life. Since I have purchased the Net Reset I have not had to reset my router and it has been working without any issue,Read full review…

  23. opossum_kg (verified owner)

    Product stoped working after a few months use. On 1-1-2020 at 1200 it just stoped sending power to the modem and router. Waste of money!

  24. deeprouge (verified owner)

    I have it set to reboot my modem and router at 3:30 every morning and each morning on my windows 10 desktop, I have a message that my VPN was re-connected at 3:35 am. It’s doing it’s job!

  25. dennis9403 (verified owner)

    bought 2 and they work perfect at both issues

  26. huddy1940 (verified owner)

    I don’t have to manually reset

  27. keys.joh (verified owner)

    This works great to help my WiFi stay clean and fast by rebooting my Router and Modem on a daily schedule automatically without having to unplug them manually and powering back up. This device does all that for you. If you can program a thermostat, you can set this up.Read full review…

  28. mouser (verified owner)

    This is a piece of junk. It worked for about a month and then the clock froze and the unit became noisy and very hot. It not only doesn’t work but is extremely dangerous and could cause a fire. The Company that manufactures it won’t offer any support. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT!!!

  29. daveyg_ca (verified owner)

    So far so good, easy to set upNo issues as of yet.

  30. mysticmel2001 (verified owner)

    Needing a new modem after five years. Product was easy to install and it performed the way we set up the time to reset things. Now we’re always online!

  31. ricbigha0 (verified owner)

    Very easy to setup.

  32. villahomen (verified owner)

    This is the answer to resetting modems. I have it nightly at 3am reset. Its in a house that I visit sometimes, and need the modem to work all the time for a rental on the property, Great device. It keeps the settings for up to 28 days when power is cut off ( thank you utility company for that inconvenience). So it just does its think and I don’t have to be around.Read full review…

  33. jparibel (verified owner)

    Needed a device to reset my modem and separate router, Occasionally my internet goes down for who knows many reasons. I would have to go unplug the power and restart. That would clear things up and internet works. This timer is perfect for the application. I set it to turn off early morning and restart. The modem starts first then my router. No sense having all kinds of WIFI device at home if the internet goes down they all become useless electronic junk. This way the worst case all devices reset every 24 hours even if you are not home, and that is the best part if you have security cameras.Read full review…

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